Mariana Medical Center In-house fire Training

Fire safety at Mariana Medical Center Uganda

Mariana Medical Center houses various professionals who are trained to handle medical emergencies in Kigoogwa, Uganda. The facility is well equipped with doctors, nurses, aides and other support technicians. Now, fire safety at the facility is not optional but rather a must.

Until relatively recently, hospital staff did not require advanced fire and safety training for hospitals. However, these days it’s a prerequisite for working in medical centers, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, retirement communities and more. Fire safety at hospitals is now a priority.

Fire safety in a hospital begins with the basic fundamentals, which means superior hands-on training. Today all staff at Mariana Medical Center are equipped with rapid and responsive skills to fire. This was done by a team of experienced instructors from Fire and Safety Traders ltd.

How was this done? The team of instructors inspected the health facility to ensure all fire emergency equipment is installed and actively updated/serviced. So Fire and Safety Traders ltd. team gave Mariana Medical Center everything they need to get through any fire emergency. From preventing fires in the first place to developing an efficient and dynamic fire response.


Mariana Medical Center fire safety training included:
What to Do in Case of a Fire at Your Hospital
Patient Rescue (Including drags and carries)
How to Use a Fire Extinguisher
Different Types of Fires and How to Control Them
Hospital Fire Protection Equipment
How to Evacuate Safely
Home Fire Safety training
Pre-Fire Planning

The fire safety training was instructed in April 2018 by Fire and Safety Traders limited team who trained staff fire prevention, emergency evacuation, and safety awareness sensitization. On completion of the training, Mariana Medical Centre was awarded a certificate.