The Infectious Diseases Institute recently launched an African Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Big data analytics. The facility boasts of very high level computing and data analysis capacity; 1500 TBs server storage and 4.4 TB of RAM enough to support any Big data and fast computing needs. As such, IDI is keen to put these resources to maximum use by creating a BIG DATA INTEREST GROUP (BIG) to:

  • Raise awareness within the regional research community on the potential applications of this computational technology.
  • Generate interest in data sciences and create pools of interested scientists across a variety of disciplines.
  • Create a platform where scientists can come together and discuss data science, bioinformatics and genomics related work

The BIG will bring together: Computer scientists, Data scientists, Bioinformaticians, Statisticians, Biological scientists, Programmers & Any big data enthusiasts and it will be launched on 05/Dec/2019 at our weekly research forum.


If you are interested in joining and participating in this new forum, kindly apply here  or email at

Details of the launch can be accessed through the attachment.